Data Marketplaces

Build a data marketplace and grow the decentralized data ecosystem.

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

With advancements in data analytics and AI, quality data has become a valuable asset and data marketplaces have proliferated. Data marketplaces are used by businesses of all kinds as well as government, market intelligence agencies and many types of data analysts and data scientists.

Ocean is looking to incentivize the creation of an ecosystem of decentralized data marketplaces that provide a point of discoverability and comparison for data, along with indicators of quality and scope to enable broad access to data that would otherwise prove difficult to publish or consume.

What type of data marketplace could you build?

For inspiration consider building:


Current examples of decentralized data marketplaces on Ocean include a simple reference data marketplace (called Pleuston) and the Commons Marketplace (source) that lists various free public datasets. For an outline of how to develop and run a data marketplace on Ocean.

Submission Requirements

Speedy Submission Bonus: The first 20 teams who successfully complete the minimum submission requirements will receive 33,000 Ocean Tokens.

To qualify for prizes and challenge rewards, participants must abide by all of the rules and minimum submission requirements:

  1. Your POC must demonstrate a successful use of Ocean Protocol.
  2. Ocean Protocol team must be able to view your POC and run the code.
  3. You must submit a video showcasing your POC.
  4. Marketplace POC must show transactions on the Pacific network.
  5. Marketplace POC must show end-to-end user experience.

Ready to build?

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

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