Network Integrations

Create data science tools & services to unlock value from data.

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

All the data in the world is worth very little if you don't have the proper tools and services to help extract value from the data. Whether for straight statistical analysis, machine learning modeling or visualizations, a strong set of data science tools and services are essential to arrive at practical solutions to pressing data-centric problems and unlock the maximum value from data.

Ocean Protocol aims to incentivize the integration of useful data science tools and services that can be leveraged by community contributors to enable Ocean to function as the "network of service networks” for the New Data Economy.

What type of network integrations could you build?

For inspiration consider:

In short, the more useful tools and services are linked with Ocean, the more valuable Ocean becomes for users. The data science examples in Manta Ray can be used as a starting point if you are familiar with Python. Other integrations might require familiarity with JavaScript, Java or REST APIs.


Examples of data science tools that are currently integrated on Ocean include Manta Ray, which allows users to set up a JupyterLab Instance to run a Python kernel in a browser to program data science workflows.

Similarly, examples of service integrations currently on Ocean include a service integration to Azure storage.

Submission Requirements

Speedy Submission Bonus: The first 20 teams who successfully complete the minimum submission requirements will receive 33,000 Ocean Tokens.

To qualify for prizes and challenge rewards, participants must abide by all of the rules and minimum submission requirements:

  1. Your POC must demonstrate a successful use of Ocean Protocol.
  2. Ocean Protocol team must be able to view your POC and run the code.
  3. You must submit a video showcasing your POC.
  4. Integration challenge POCs must happen on the Pacific network.
  5. Integration challenge POCs must show how to incorporate or consume data from Ocean; the more popular the tool the higher the POC will score.

Ready to build?

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

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