Wild Card

Unleash your unbounded creativity and surprise us with your own entry.

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

Ocean Protocol is primarily built to empower the New Data Economy but being an open source project, it can empower much more. For this category, we encourage unbounded creativity so let your imagination run wild and surprise us!

What type of wild card entries could you build?

Again, let your imagination run wild!

For inspiration consider:

Again, these are just examples so let your imagination be as wide as an ocean and show us what you got!

Submission Requirements

Speedy Submission Bonus: The first 20 teams who successfully complete the minimum submission requirements will receive 33,000 Ocean Tokens.

To qualify for prizes and challenge rewards, participants must abide by all of the rules and minimum submission requirements:

  1. Your POC must demonstrate a successful use of Ocean Protocol.
  2. Ocean Protocol team must be able to view your POC and run the code.
  3. You must submit a video showcasing your POC.

Ready to build?

The Challenge Has Ended. See the submissions on DevPost.

Meet Online on Discord

Chat and connect with other challenge participants in our dedicated Data Economy Challenge channel on Discord.

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