ROI+ Grants DAO

OceanDAO grants funds towards teams creating positive ROI for the Ocean Ecosystem. OCEAN holders help by voting and funding projects that lead to growth.

OceanDAO is a key component in the growth and sustainability of the Ocean Ecosystem.

You can get involved in OceanDAO by building a project, or voting on proposals that shape the future of Ocean.

Builders: Propose your project to the community. Answer questions in chat. The community votes whether to fund your project. There are many categories to choose from.

Voters: Learn more about proposals in detail on Port. Vote for the projects that you think will add the most value. Any OCEAN holder can vote. The weight of your vote is based on your OCEAN holdings.

Go to OceanDAO Wiki for precise instructions.

Please Note: The Shipyard funding program has now been merged with OceanDAO. We kindly ask teams to apply to OceanDAO for all grant funding.

  • Proposals

    Submit your project proposal. Collaborate with the community to improve your plan. Register your proposal to be considered for a grant!

  • Voting

    Learn about each proposal. Vote on the projects that you believe will have the biggest impact. Help grow the Ocean Ecosystem!

  • Grants

    Receive a grant to incubate your project. Update your progress as you achieve success. Build ROI+ projects that lead to growth!

How It Works

OceanDAO funds a large number of teams that build projects across core DAO pillars. By utilizing OceanDAO, successful projects can in time deliver value greater than their grant, creating a positive feedback loop.

Our mission is to deliver funds towards ROI+ projects.

Teams use the Proposal Template to explain, and pitch their idea to the community.

These Proposals are submitted to Port, where the DAO discusses and reviews which ones have the potential to make a big impact.

Proposals: Teams can write as many proposals as they want to engage the community, to understand which projects are appealing to the DAO.

Grants: Teams can Register 1 Proposal per Funding Round. We highly encourage teams to collaborate with each other to increase proposal quality, and community collaboration.

We support a variety of Categories for teams to receive funding!

Funding Rounds

Register & Vote on Proposals

Round 7 is Live!

Submit your grant proposal by Jul 6th midnight GMT

Voting is live - Jul 9th - Jul 12th


Create a Proposal, Submit it to port, and we'll take it from there.


Learn and vote on the best projects that deserve funding from the DAO!

View Proposals

Each Team can register one Proposal per Funding Round. Funding Rounds take place at the beginning of each month.

Vote On Proposals

Support teams and projects across a wide range of categories! Vote on the best projects, and help Ocean grow!

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