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The Ambassadors

The Ocean Ambassadors are a diverse group of individuals, including content creators, developers, event planners, forum moderators and/or influencers - committed to fostering the growth of the emerging data economy.


Start your journey as a Recruit. Type /apply in our Discord to take a test and level up. In this preliminary stage, your mission is to familiarize yourself with the community and its guidelines

Master Supporter

After the test, you're a Master Supporter. Gain basic resource access and aim for 100 XP to ascend. At this stage, your primary role is to engage with the community and help spread awareness.


You've gained some experience, and now you're entrusted with more responsibilities. At 100 XP, you become an Ambassador. Participate in paid bounties to earn OCEAN tokens, and lead smaller community projects.

Elite Ambassador

You've proven your dedication and successfully led initiatives. Reach 300 XP to become an Elite Ambassador and represent the community at larger events and collaborate with key members.

Legendary Ambassador

Attaining 1000 XP makes you a Legendary Ambassador, the pinnacle of community involvement. You have unparalleled access to resources and a significant say in community decisions.

Become an Ocean Ambassador

Being an Ocean Ambassador comes with benefits. You'll gain access to valuable resources, exclusive merchandise, and introductory guidance. Additionally, you'll become part of a global community of Ambassadors, which includes creators, developers, and other influential community members.

  • Earn OCEAN
  • Earn XP
  • Weekly Bounties
  • Private Channels
  • Claim Airdrops
  • Access to Core Team
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Put your skill at use, learn from others and contribute to the growth of the new data economy together with the Ocean community.