Access Control

Keep Data Assets Secure With Web3 Access Control

Maintain control of your data and only grant access over your data sets without a centralized intermediary.

Traditional access control uses centralized intermediaries, where data owners risk losing control of their data. Ocean Protocol restores control and privacy by replacing the centralized intermediaries with a decentralized blockchain network.

Data sellers retain control of their data using blockchain-enabled access control.

  • Set a price in Ocean Tokens for users to grant them access to a priced asset.

  • Safelist specific accounts to allow buyers to get a priced asset for free.

  • Configure marketplaces for buying and selling data.

  • On-chain audit trails keep track of transactions and interactions on your data set.

How It Works

Every interaction with data assets in Ocean Protocol, such as publishing, sharing, selling, and consuming are recorded immutably onto the blockchain, enabling audit trails to keep track of how your data is used.

Each dataset registered in an Ocean Protocol marketplace has a Web3 account as owner attached to it, based on the account used to publish the data set. Only that owner can modify or transfer ownership for the data set.

Likewise, only Web3 accounts can consume your data, once they have been granted access to it.

Access Control Resources