Data Science

More Data, Provenance, and Earning Opportunities

As a data scientist or AI practitioner, you can benefit from access to more data (including private data), crypto-secured provenance in data & AI training, and income opportunities for selling data and curating data.

More Data. Browse Ocean Market and other Ocean-powered markets to find more data to improve your AI models. Even access private data to run your AI modeling algorithms against, data which was previously inaccessible.

Provenance. The acts of publishing data, purchasing data, and consuming data are all recorded on the blockchain to make a tamper-proof audit trail.

Earn. You can earn by selling data & models, and by curating (staking) that of others. We elaborate below.

How It Works

Use Ocean Market to buy data, sell data, or curate data. Or, directly interface from Ocean Python library. For either, optionally use Compute-to-Data for privacy. Here, we elaborate further.

Here are ways to earn by selling data & models.

Sell latent data. As a data scientist, you may have a lot of data sitting around that might be useful to others. Now you can put it up for sale, with automatic pricing, and see what happens.

Sell Value-added Open Data. Take open / public data, add value to it, and sell it. For example:

-Tag or label data. For example, transcribing audio, or assigning bird species to bird photos.

-Clean it to make it easier to consume. For example, scrape public websites and put the information into a format that’s easy for AI & analytics tools to consume.

-Feature-engineer data to make it more tractable for others to model on.

Sell synthetic data. Get access to private data, use Compute-to-Data to calculate the synthetic data, and sell it.

Sell your trained AI models.

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