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data dApps

Powering the next generation of data dApps using open-source tools, datatoken-gating and privacy-preserving computation.

Showcases & Business Ideas

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Buy & Sell Online Workshops

A decentralised marketplace for peer-to-peer online workshops

By Ocean Protocol

E-Books On-Demand

A peer-to-peer platform for reading on-demand e-books

By Ocean Protocol

Publish & Collect Digital Art

A decentralised marketplace for buying & selling AI-generated Art

By Ocean Protocol

Buy Templates, UI Kits, and plugins

A decentralised e-commerce platform to sell templates, UI kits and plugins

By Ocean Protocol

Decentralized Ticketing Mobile App

The first end-to-end decentralized mobile App to buy, sell & trade tickets of any type.

By Ocean Protocol

Open-source Templates

Customise and launch your favorite dApp in no time with one of the available templates

Decentralised Data Marketplace

Music NFTs Marketplace

Tokengated Content

Tokengated AI Chatbot

Dive into an Ocean of possibilities

Whether you are looking to sell exclusive content, confidential data, on-chain analytics,
event tickets and more - Ocean helps you monetize your assets and build stronger
communities by leveraging on our road-tested open-source tools.

Use Ocean to easily publish, transfer, rent and consume content through:

  • Ownership transfer
  • Access Licenses
  • Advanced datatoken-gating
  • Whitelisted Wallets
  • Privacy-preserving computation
  • Royalties Distribution
Interested in building a dApp with Ocean Protocol?

Explore ways to unlock the value of data, create new business models and leverage on blockchain
technology and smart-contracts to ensure data provenance and private access to data .