DAO Grants: Tools

This page has specific tools for OceanDAO users. (1) Voters can connect their wallet to BrightID, to boost voting power. (2) Grant recipients can claim their funding into their wallets.

Connect your wallet

Voters: Boost voting power

You can increase your voting power. Quadrating Voting and voting boosts improves fairness for every individual. Complete the conversion below to increase your current voting power.

Follow the BrightID Verification Guide on how to get registered.

Voting Power
Your Current
Max you can achieve
Voting Boost

No delegates found

Receive votes from other OCEAN holders to see that votinh power here. You can delegate your voting power, or receive voting power from others. Learn more about the delegates here.

Recipients: Claim Grant

If you are the recipient of an OceanDAO grant, you can use this tool to claim your reward.

Reward strings can be found inside the Reward Strings Airtable.

You will need to use the reward string Found inside Airtable. Any wallet can pay, only the recipient wallet would be Founded.