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Empowering the open data economy, safely and securely.

Ocean Protocol builds powerful Web3 apps for the emerging data economy. Founded in 2017, Ocean Protocol connects data providers and consumers, using blockchain technology.

Ocean Protocol technology allows private data to be shared, without compromising control or security for the data owner, while ensuring traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved.

Ocean allows data owners to monetize data while keeping control over their data assets. Ocean Protocol Foundation is based in Singapore.

Press Releases

Faculty Group allocates USD$5mil to the Ocean Protocol Ecosystem Fund

Ocean Protocol launches the Energy Efficiency Data Challenge

Ocean Protocol and Dimitra announce Data Challenge Ideation Phase winners

Ocean Protocol and Dimitra launch Ideation Bounty to incentivize data-driven insights in agriculture

OceanONDA V4 is now live with data NFTs, solving rug pulls and better community monetization

Cypher Capital allocates $5 million to invest in Ocean Protocol ecosystem projects

Ocean Protocol announces $2 Million in funding for Shipyard projects in 2022

BigchainDB, co-founder of Ocean Protocol, wins 3 tenders for Gaia-X Federation Services

Ocean Protocol partners with Dimitra: 100 million small farmers globally to benefit from data sharing and monetization

Ocean Protocol Foundation announces $140 million USD in grants for the community-curated OceanDAO to fund the Web3 Data Economy

$300K grants for data-driven projects; Round 9 of OceanDAO is live

OceanDAO’s 7th round now open for submissions: over $200K for Data Science, Developer, AI Research projects

Ocean Protocol Awarded Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Ocean Protocol, represented by BigchainDB, Bosch, and Fetch.ai have joined Catena-X, bringing their collective expertise in market, mechanism, and token design

Ocean Protocol announces the winning projects of Data Economy Challenge - datatokens edition

AllianceBlock Partners With Ocean Protocol To Enhance Compliance In Decentralized Capital Markets

Ocean Protocol launches Datatokens & Ocean Market to Connect the Data Economy to Web3 & DeFi Infrastructure

Travala.com Partners with Ocean Protocol to Integrate OCEAN

Ocean Protocol and Balancer Labs Partner for The First AMM-Based Data Market

Ocean Protocol, Energy Web Announce Collaboration to Unlock IoT Energy Data

Worldwide Blockchain and AI communities team up to produce over 100 potential solutions to aide coronavirus pandemic

Ocean Protocol delivers Proof-of-Concept for Daimler AG in collaboration with Daimler South East Asia

Ocean Protocol launches Compute-to-Data

DAIA launches #COVIDathon, the first Decentralized AI hackathon to support the medical community with solutions against COVID-19

Ocean Protocol and Zühlke team up to push an Open Data Economy for Healthcare

dexFreight and Ocean Protocol Partner to Enable Transportation and Logistics Companies To Monetize Data


Bruce Pon

Co-Founder and Board Member

Bruce Pon is the Founder of BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol, blockchain startups focused on bringing data and AI together since 2013. Previously, Bruce co-founded Avantalion, a consulting firm that helped to build 20 banks around the globe for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi & Jaguar LandRover.

He has an Advanced Executive Certificate from MITSloan, a B.Sc in Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and has given guest lectures at Oxford, MIT Media Lab, Columbia University and the European School of Management & Technology.

In addition to being in the 2020 full-length documentary Cryptopia, Bruce was featured in Oxford University and Saïd Business School’s online Blockchain course as a guest expert.

Trent McConaghy

Co-Founder and Board Member

Trent McConaghy is a founder of Ocean Protocol. While still an undergraduate in the mid 1990s, he did AI research for national defense.

His first startup, ADA, focused on AI for circuit design. Synopsys acquired ADA in 2004. He then did a PhD at KU Leuven on creative AI, which was awarded #1 thesis worldwide in the field.

His second startup, Solido, used AI to help drive Moore's Law. Now, Solido is broadly used for modern chip design, from Apple to Nvidia to Sony. Siemens acquired Solido in 2017.

Building on early blockchain work in ascribe and BigchainDB, Trent's focus is now Ocean Protocol.

Trent wrote two critically acclaimed books on AI and circuit design. He’s written over 50 peer-reviewed papers and patents. More recently, he’s written groundbreaking essays on Token Engineering, decentralized autonomous AI, and Web3 business models. He has given invited talks at the UN, European Commission, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, TedX, Jet Propulsion Lab, Santa Fe Institute, and more. He advises governments on AI and blockchain.

As featured in

  • New York Times
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