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Ocean Shipyard forges ahead in 2023 with 2M $OCEAN in funding

Following a memorable 2022 that had over 40 submissions to Ocean Shipyard, including 10 successful Ocean Shipyard grant completions, Ocean Shipyard is forging ahead in 2023 with a new round of funding of up to 2M $OCEAN.


The new funding round is earmarked for entrepreneurs building open-source Web3 solutions on Ocean that will make valuable data available to users and/or create innovative tools and applications that bring tangible value to the Ocean ecosystem.

In 2023 Ocean Shipyard is particularly interested in identifying and supporting promising new DeFi oriented projects that leverage the Ocean stack.

Whether that be projects that involve data NFT fractionalization, data NFT loans, new AMM designs or otherwise, Ocean Shipyard is doubling down on supporting Ocean DeFi projects in 2023.

Sheridan Johns, Enterprise Lead at Ocean Protocol, commented:

“Shipyard’s emphasis on DeFi in 2023 underlines Ocean’s ongoing efforts to manifest data as a new asset class; an asset class that anyone can access, own and trade. By establishing data as an asset class Ocean aims to unlock and empower an open Data Economy that breaks down data silos and enables access to quality data for the creation of new value, new products, new innovations and even new markets.”

Ocean Shipyard is a unique opportunity for start-ups to collaborate directly with members of the Ocean core team when developing new Ocean powered Web3 approaches for managing and monetizing digital assets and data.

Successful Ocean Shipyard grants typically cover a period of 3-6 months and result in an initial validation MVP or beta that forms the basis for further discussion.

Are you working on a data driven project that will have a direct impact on the adoption and scaling of Ocean? Does your project have a clear use case and deployment potential? Then we’d love to hear from you and work together with you in 2023!

NOTES: Ocean Shipyard is an early stage grant program established to fund the next generation of Web3 dApps built on Ocean Protocol. Learn more and submit your application here.

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