Ocean Protocol entrepreneurs, builders and creators - welcome to Ocean Shipyard! The programme funds entrepreneurs to build open-source Web3 solutions on Ocean Protocol, make valuable data available, build innovations and create value for the Ocean ecosystem.

Ocean Shipyard is a complementary funding layer to OceanDAO - the community-funded grants system. Whereas OceanDAO takes a bottom-up approach with readily investable funds led and voted on by the Ocean community, Ocean Shipyard has a top-down approach where the core Ocean team curates project proposals that are set up to deliver according to clear delivery milestone timelines and bring particular strategic value for the future development of Ocean.

Eligible Shipyard projects must make use of Ocean technology and/or OCEAN token, be open source, have experienced teams, working code, a clear use case and/or deployment potential.
Apart from financial assistance in OCEAN tokens, Ocean Shipyard grantees are offered high-touch technical support, business development guidance, referrals to potential partners and joint marketing opportunities.
Interested projects should email their proposals to For more information, access the dedicated presentation.