Our Mission

Society is becoming increasingly reliant on data, especially with the advent of AI. However, a small handful of organizations with both massive data assets and AI capabilities attained worrying levels of control which is a danger to a free and open society.

We aim to unlock data, for more equitable outcomes for users of data, using a thoughtful application of both technology and governance.

Our team and community is committed to kick-starting a New Data Economy that reaches every single person, company and device, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world.

Ocean Protocol is governed by a Singapore based non-profit foundation, whose mandate is to ensure open access to the protocol and platform, provide data governance, encourage the network ecosystem growth, and take measures to ensure that the platform becomes ever more decentralized with time.

The Ocean Protocol Foundation has contracted BigchainDB to build the core protocol, network, marketing, and community activities.

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The People Building Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is being built by a diverse ecosystem of contributors who share a common vision of unlocking data for AI. Our core team and advisors have converged from many different countries, industries, and backgrounds to collaborate on kickstarting a New Data Economy.

Core Team

The Ocean Protocol core team combines a deep background in big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and data exchanges, with real-world business experience as entrepreneurs, designers and technologists who have started over 20 companies.

Bruce Pon

Trent McConaghy

Razvan Olteanu

Cristina Pon

Sheridan Johns

Masha McConaghy

Matthias Kretschmann

Mihai Scarlat

Monica Botez

Daniel Lustig

Alex Coseru

Calina Cenan

Veronica Manuel

Maria Cretu

Norbert Katuna

Bogdan Fazakas

Jamie Hewitt

Roberto Alcantara

Casiana Neagu

Ana Loznianu

Andrea Armanni

Berkay Saglam

Enzo Vezzaro

Christian Casazza

Jaime Delgado

Raymond Maiorescu

Tom Pollet

Nicholas Scavuzzo


We have over 35 advisors spanning the globe, with recognized expertise in AI, blockchain, big data, business and policy. Advisors were carefully selected based on an alignment of values towards unlocking data and AI for society. Advisors work to build meaningful collaborations, refer potential business partners, integrate with the protocol, and provide guidance on governance.

From 2015 until now, Meltem has provided strong guidance on our fundraising and go-to-market strategies. As we moved from ascribe.io to BigchainDB and now to Ocean Protocol, her wisdom has been invaluable.

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer CoinShares
Carsten shares deep insights on IoT, energy and identity solutions that can integrate into Ocean Protocol, as well as giving us his futuristic viewpoints to help us see around the corner.

Dr. Carsten Stöcker

CEO Spherity
Sebastian gave us great insights in their Token Curation development such as the graded TCR. More importantly, many of their developments, research and insights are being widely shared in the open source community.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek

Co-founder & former CTO Weeve
Adam is both a world-class data scientist and manager of data scientists & engineers.

Adam Drake

CEO Atazzo
We are excited about Chris’ insight and guidance on how we can further the goals of MOBI by using Ocean Protocol as a secure, data exchange protocol for solving mobility challenges.

Chris Ballinger

Founder & CEO MOBI
Lawrence is exploring the intersections of artificial intelligence, blockchains and the internet of things. With a political background he leads Outlier Venture's thinking on governance in crypto networks.

Lawrence Lundy

Researcher, Impact Investments
We’re working closely with Peter to provide seamless and powerful tooling for data scientists to co-create a future that equalizes the opportunity to access data & AI services.

Peter Wang

Co-Founder & CEO Anaconda Inc.
Andreas Mueller is one of the core creators of the beloved machine learning tool scikit-learn.

Andreas Mueller

Author of Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
Luis Cuende is the founder of Aragon, a network and tooling for blockchain governance, and one of the top experts in the blockchain space

Luis Cuende

CEO Aragon One
Simon’s quick, curious, and broad-thinking mind will be helpful as we build & grow the Ocean ecosystem, in everything from incentives for data commons to price-setting for data markets.

Simon de la Rouviere

Pioneer of Curation Markets & TCRs
Azeem Azhar is a seasoned technologist & manager, and doesn’t shy away from making his case about what’s important and what we might do about it.

Azeem Azhar

Founder Exponential View
Amir is General Manager of the AI & Frontier Tech Initiatives group at XPRIZE Foundation. He is a leader in the global AI for Good movement, as epitomized by the global “AI for Good Global Summit” that he co-organizes.

Amir Banifatemi

Co-Founder AI for Good & General Manager AI XPrize
Ben is the CEO of the decentralized AI network SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI platform company, and the Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics. He also has decades of expertise applying AI to practical problems in areas ranging from natural language processing and data mining to robotics, video gaming, national security and bioinformatics.

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Founder SingularityNET
Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is a technology strategist possessing unique knowledge of the high-tech ecosystem, able to structure partnership agreements with global technology companies offering mutual advantage.

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Independent Director Dun & Bradstreet
Brian Fabian Crain is an economist, entrepreneur and host of Epicenter, passionate about open systems and freedom.

Brian Fabian Crain

Founder & CEO of Chorus One
Ryan Selkis is an entrepreneur, blogger, and former venture capitalist.

Ryan Selkis

Founder & CEO of Messari
For decades, Richard Muirhead has been involved in starting, funding, building and finding long-term homes for innovative software and internet businesses.

Richard Muirhead

Founding Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures
Mark has over 20 years of experience in institutional investing, focusing on blockchain and smart-city tech.

Mark Cachia

Founder of Scytale Ventures
Kenneth focuses on Corporate and Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology law practice. As an interdisciplinary lawyer, he has experience in token offerings, equity investments and exchanges.

Kenneth Oh

Senior Partner at Dentons Singapore
Jason Teutsch is a mathematician and computer scientist whose research focuses on distributed systems security, game theory and algorithmic randomness.

Jason Teutsch

Founder Truebit.io
Gil Allouche is a product marketing expert with focus on big data and technology.

Gil Allouche

CEO of Metadata.io
David Holtzmann is a former security analyst and military code-breaker, a futurist, activist, privacy expert, technologist, technology executive and writer. Initiatives he spearheaded have radically changed the way people interact with technology.

David Holtzmann

Creator of DNS, Chief Strategy Officer & CTO at Ambika
As part of the most technologically sophisticated and global sports organizations, Charles Smith is seeking to securely share and monetize data from the ATP

Charles Humphrey Smith

ATP Board Member, CEO TenEventsAsia