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Engage with a vibrant, open, and diverse community of developers, AI practitioners, data scientists, service partners, and blockchain experts.


Meet Ocean team members at the following events.

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Join the data revolution and become a community leader.

The Ocean Protocol Ambassador Program aims to engage our community of thinkers, learners, and problem-solvers into the core of our ecosystem.

We’re looking for motivated and curious people from around the globe, who are passionate about decentralization, challenging the status quo, and equalizing access to data for all.

  • Exclusive webinars with the Ocean team.
  • Exclusive Telegram group.
  • Exciting opportunities to shape our growing community.
  • Get rewarded with OCEAN for high impact activities.
  • Gain valuable new skills and experiences.

Get Funding to BUIDL

The Ocean Ecosystem Development Fund helps developers and projects in building with Ocean. With Shipyard, bounties, and support for various hackathons, the Ocean Protocol Foundation funds the development of the Ocean Protocol ecosystem with it.

Grants & Funding