Get Funding

There's funding for developers and projects to build with Ocean.

-Shipyard offers grants curated by the core Ocean team.
-OceanDAO offers grants curated by the broader community of OCEAN holders.
-Data Economy Challenge (DEC) offers prizes curated by expert judges from the community.

Shipyard and DEC draw on funds from an allocation of 20 million OCEAN by Ocean Protocol Foundation (OPF). OceanDAO draws on funds from network revenue and more.


Launch Your Great Idea

Ocean Shipyard is an early-stage incubation program for taking your project to the next level.

Projects admitted to the program will receive grant funding for up to 3 months from the Ocean Protocol Foundation.

Projects particularly well suited for the program include -

  • Projects bringing valuable data to Ocean-powered marketplaces
  • Projects building technical integrations with AI and blockchain
  • Projects developing datatoken related services
  • Innovative Dapps for the Ocean ecosystem.
  • Grant funding for up to 3 months
  • Priority access to Ocean core developers
  • Product development and community building support
  • Access to Ocean ecosystem stakeholders and partners


Community-Curated Funding

OceanDAO is key to growth and sustainability of the Ocean ecosystem: it receives OCEAN from network revenue and more, and allocates it to project proposals.

For Projects: Propose your project to the community. Answer questions in chat. The community votes whether to fund your project.

For Community Curators: Learn about projects via chat and more. Any OCEAN holder can vote. Vote for the projects that you think will add the most value. The weight of your vote is based on your OCEAN holdings.

Go to OceanDAO Wiki for precise instructions.


Hack and Get OCEAN

We participate in hackathons, and fund our very own.

Data Economy Challenge

Ocean's Data Economy Challenge (DEC) is an 8-week long hackathon, with generous prizes for top teams.