The team behind Ocean Protocol continues to improve the software and services at all levels: smart contracts, libraries, and marketplaces / applications. Here’s the progress made thus far, and where we’re headed.

We use the Ocean Protocol Technical Whitepaper and Business Whitepaper as guides.


November 2017


February 2018


March 2018


August 2018

v1 Alpha (Trilobite)

December 2018

v1 Beta (Tethys)

April 2019

v1 Pacific


Enterprise Marketplace (beta)

March 2020

  • Decentralized/non-custodial data marketplace

  • Customizable marketplace for data providers

  • Deployed with a strategic partner

v2 Compute-to-Data

May 2020

  • Unlock private data while preserving privacy, by bringing compute to the data

  • Integrated with Marketplace: buy & sell private data, without compromising privacy

Community Marketplace

Q3 2020 *

  • Marketplace for community to buy & sell datasets, complementary to enterprise marketplaces

  • Deployed as standalone webapp

v3 Data Tokens & v5

Q3 2020 *

  • Platform refactored for simplicity featuring data tokens

  • Updated token design in smart contracts and marketplace. Marketplace includes incentives and staking (v3)

  • On a permissionless substrate (v5)

v4 Community Funding

Q4 2020 *

  • Community funding for software development (core, applications, infrastructure), for community/ecosystem work, and to incentivize data supply (v4). Including grants to incentivize for data.

  • Funding comes from the network reward

  • Projects are proposed and curated by the community

* Software is sometimes hard to predict, so there might be delays. We will update projected dates once we are closer to a milestone's completion.

Deep Dive Into Our Papers

Technical Whitepaper

This paper presents Ocean Protocol. Ocean is a decentralized protocol and network of artificial intelligence (AI) data/services.

Business Strategy

This document presents a summary of the business model and ecosystem of Ocean Protocol.

It is complementary to the technical whitepaper for Ocean Protocol.

Marketplace Framework

This document presents a summary of the core marketplace attributes and components required to facilitate the successful deployment of the decentralized data exchange protocol and network called Ocean Protocol.

It is complementary to the technical whitepaper for Ocean Protocol.