The team behind Ocean Protocol continues to improve the software and services at all levels: smart contracts, libraries, and marketplaces / applications. This page shows progress made thus far, where we’re headed, and Ocean whitepapers. The 2023 roadmap blog post has further detail for 2023.

Seed distribution

November 2017


February 2018


March 2018

POC data market + testnet

August 2018

  • Proof-of-concept data marketplace released (Pleuston)

  • Test network created (Spree)

v1 Alpha

December 2018

v1 Beta

April 2019

v1 Production, in POA Mainnet

Q3 2019

Enterprise Marketplace (beta)

Q1 2020

  • Decentralized, non-custodial data marketplace

  • Customizable for data providers

  • Deployed with a strategic enterprise partner

v2 Compute-to-Data

Q2 2020

  • Unlock private data while preserving privacy, by bringing compute to the data

  • Integrated with Enterprise Marketplace, to enable buying & selling private data while preserving privacy

v3 Datatokens + Ocean Market

October 2020

Fix gas costs, via Polygon

Q1 2021

  • First deployment beyond Ethereum mainnet. Deployed to Polygon, including a bridge

Compute-to-Data in Ocean Market

Q1 2021

Fine-grained permissions

Q2 2021

  • Data providers can control the credentials needed to consume a data asset. 3rd party markets too.

  • Via Role-Based Access Control

Deploy to Moonriver, BSC, EWC

Q3-Q4 2021

V4 Data NFTs & monetize: Public Testing

Q1 2022

  • Public bounties program to identify critical bugs

  • Smart contracts deployed to test networks

  • Initial scope is smart contracts; then it broadens

Launch H2O stable asset

Q2 2022

V4 Data NFTs & monetize: Production

Q2 2022

  • V4 smart contracts deployed to production networks

  • Data NFTs: NFT-ize base IP to enable transfer of base IP, support >1 revenue streams, and more

  • Help community monetize: 3rd party markets earn fees on swapping, staking, and consuming. More control over rates

Data Farming

Q2 2022

veOCEAN staking

Q3 2022

  • Earn by locking OCEAN and curating quality data

  • Incentivizes holding OCEAN longer term

Traction-driving projects

2023+ *

* Software is sometimes hard to predict, so there might be delays. We will update projected dates once we are closer to a milestone's completion.

Ocean Papers

Technical Whitepaper

Thorough description of Ocean Protocol, in an academic flavor.