The team behind Ocean Protocol continues to improve the software and services at all levels: smart contracts, libraries, and marketplaces / applications. This page shows progress made thus far, where we’re headed, and Ocean whitepapers. The 2021 roadmap blog post has further detail for 2021.


November 2017


February 2018


March 2018


August 2018

v1 Alpha (Trilobite)

December 2018

v1 Beta (Tethys)

April 2019

v1 Pacific


Enterprise Marketplace (beta)

March 2020

  • Decentralized/non-custodial data marketplace

  • Customizable marketplace for data providers

  • Deployed with a strategic partner

v2 Compute-to-Data

May 2020

  • Unlock private data while preserving privacy, by bringing compute to the data

  • Integrated with Enterprise Marketplace: buy & sell private data while preserving privacy

v3 Datatokens

October 2020

  • Platform refactored for simplicity featuring datatokens and Balancer pools

  • Running on Ethereum Mainnet

  • Updated token design in smart contracts including incentives and staking

  • Ocean Market (beta) as a community marketplace to buy & sell datasets, and introducing Initial Data Offerings (IDO)


December 2020

Fix gas costs

Q1 2021

  • Deploy Ocean contracts and other components on a second chain -- Polygon

  • Ocean Market users can buy and sell data assets on Ethereum mainnet and on Polygon

  • Addresses the exceedingly high gas costs found on Ethereum mainnet

  • Includes an OCEAN bridge between Ethereum mainnet and Polygon

Better dev onboarding

Q1 2021

Compute-to-Data in Ocean Market

April 2021


Q2 2021 *

  • Marketplaces can control which actors can publish assets in that marketplace, view assets, and consume data assets

  • Fine-grained permissions via Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Multichain assets not siloed

Q2 2021 *

  • Enable Ocean Market users to see data assets across >1 chains at once

Contracts flexibility (V4)

Q3 2021 *

  • NFT-ize base IP to enable transfer of base IP, support >1 revenue streams, and more

  • Architecture for >1 datatoken type, for more flexible fees, pay-as-you-go C2D, and more

  • Help community monetize: 3rd party marketplaces can earn fees on from swapping, staking, and consuming, and have more control over fee rates

  • Incorporates Balancer V2

Frontend flexibility

Q3 2021 *

  • Enable non-OCEAN base tokens in 3rd party markets

  • OCEAN-backed stablecoin in Ocean Market

  • Better support free pricing flow for enterprise data sharing

Ocean Data Farming

Starts Q3 2021 *

  • A program to incentivize a supply of relevant and high-quality data assets

  • Earn by staking on datatoken pools; earn more on assets with higher consumption

  • Total OCEAN granted will start small, and grow as total data asset consumption grows

Better staking / IDOs

Q4 2021 *

  • People can stake OCEAN in data pools without having to buy the data asset

  • Better align incentives of publishers, consumers, and liquidity providers

Ramp up Data Farming

Q4 2021 *

  • Build on the learnings from Q3 to further scale up the OCEAN allocated, to further catalyze data consume volume

Trustless and convenient urls

Q4 2021 *

  • In Ocean Market, retain Ocean Market’s current convenience while removing its having brief custody of urls

Continuous improvements & growth

Ongoing *

  • Improve OceanDAO: streamline user flows and grow the amount funded over time, while retaining quality

  • Improve multi-chain: deploy to more chains, enable Ocean Market users to see data assets across several chains at once, and more

  • Improve data services: support ever-more data services as data assets. Over time include WebSockets, Chainlink, TheGraph, Streamr

* Software is sometimes hard to predict, so there might be delays. We will update projected dates once we are closer to a milestone's completion.

Ocean Papers

Technical Whitepaper

Thorough description of Ocean Protocol, in an academic flavor.