The Ocean Token

The OCEAN utility token is used as a unit of exchange for buying and selling data and AI services.

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Get and Store OCEAN

Buy Ocean Tokens at any of our official exchange partners and learn how to securely store them.

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Keep Your OCEAN Safe

The Ocean Token is a standard ERC-20 token and can be stored in any wallet with ERC-20 capabilities. Here are some suggestions you can rely on.

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OCEANToken Symbol

18Decimals of Precision

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Check Your OCEAN

Check the total balance of OCEAN from an Ethereum address in the Ethereum Mainnet.

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Tools & Resources

Explore the tools and resources available to use OCEAN in Web3 applications.

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The Token For The Data Economy

The Ocean Token is designed to enable data exchange and to maximize the supply of data within Ocean's POA networks, but as a standard ERC-20 token it is also deployed on Ethereum's Mainnet for increased security. There will be a maximum of 1.41 billion OCEAN

  • Unit of Exchange

    Used as a unit of exchange within the Ocean Protocol ecosystem.

  • Market Dynamics

    Designed to maximize the supply of quality data.

  • Staking

    Users earn revenue as they add value to the network.

Purchase and Compute Data

The Ocean Token is used as a unit of exchange for buying and selling data and AI services within Ocean's Pacific Mainnet. Consumers can discover and purchase data and AI services in marketplaces which are connected to the Ocean Protocol Pacific network. The Ocean network processes transactions using Service Execution Agreements and clear payments with the Ocean Token.

Ocean Token in Multiple Networks

The Ocean Token contract is deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet, our Pacific Mainnet, and on our Nile Testnet. As a standard ERC-20 token, the Ocean Token can be used with all the apps in the Ethereum ecosystem. In order to use services on the Pacific Mainnet, a token bridge is used to convert Ethereum Mainnet tokens into POA network tokens. The duality of the token gives users the best of both worlds. The security and ecosystem of the Ethereum network and the speed and scalability of the POA network.

Staking & Network Rewards

In the future, Ocean Tokens can be used for staking to catalyze the supply of data and help marketplace dynamics. 51% of Ocean Tokens will also be dispersed as part of the network rewards for providers that supply data and services to the network and ecosystem.

Release TBD