Tools to Help You Build Apps for the Data Economy

Quickly launch marketplaces & more to unlock data, while preserving privacy.

Made for Building Marketplaces

In the Ocean Protocol ecosystem developers interact with assets, a combination of metadata and one or more encrypted URLs to data set files.


#Publish a Data Set

const metadata = {
    main: { ... },
    additionalInformation: { ... }

const accounts = await ocean.accounts.list()
const ddo = await ocean.assets.create(metadata, accounts[0])


#Search for Data Sets

const search = await'jellyfish')

    Found ${search.totalResults} results over ${search.totalPages} pages.
    Here they are as a list of DDOs:


#Buy a Data Set

const accounts = await ocean.accounts.list()
const agreement = await ocean.assets.order(did, accounts[0])
const file = await ocean.assets.consume(agreement, did, accounts[0], '', 0)


#Buy a Compute Job on a Data Set

const algorithmId = 'did:op:123xxxxxxx'
const algorithmMeta = {}
const computeOutput = {}

const accounts = await ocean.accounts.list()
const agreement = await ocean.compute.order(did, accounts[0])

const job = ocean.compute.start(


The Building Blocks That Make Ocean Protocol

You will interact with the deployed core components with one of our libraries. Use the components with the deployed smart contracts in one of our own networks, Pacific or Nile. All our repositories are open source.

Pacific Mainnet & Nile Testnet

Ocean Protocol runs on our own mainnet, a side-chain of the Ethereum blockchain called Pacific. This distributed network is an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Authority (PoA) network of nodes running Parity, deployed with various Ocean Protocol smart contracts.

Ocean Faucet helps to easily get ETH for our networks to cover gas costs. With Ocean Token Bridge, you can transfer OCEAN tokens between Ethereumโ€™s mainnet and Oceanโ€™s Pacific network.



Core Components

Get Funding to BUIDL

The Ocean Ecosystem Development Fund helps developers and projects in building with Ocean. With Shipyard, bounties, and support for various hackathons, the Ocean Protocol Foundation funds the development of the Ocean Protocol ecosystem with it.

Grants & Funding