Launch Your Decentralized Data Marketplace

Quickly launch your own data marketplace, using Ocean software components, connected to the decentralized Ocean data sharing network. Data providers can monetize data while preserving privacy and control; data consumers can access data that they couldn’t get before: private data.

Data Providers

Monetize your data, while preserving privacy and control.

Data Consumers

Buy data that you couldn’t get before: private data.

The digital economy is the data economy, and we’re still at the very beginning. Data marketplaces are at the heart of the data economy.

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to position yourself at the front of the digital trend, leverage Ocean software to quickly ship a data marketplace. If you’re an enterprise and have massive amounts of latent, internal data sitting there, then use Ocean software to quickly deploy a data marketplace selling your own data. Ocean software components do the heavy lifting, making the efforts low-risk.

By building a marketplace with Ocean technology, data providers monetize data while preserving privacy and control, while data consumers access data that was previously unavailable: private data.

  • Decentralized access control allows you to restrict browsing or purchases to specific parties.

  • Compute-to-Data keeps your data secure because the data won’t leave the premises.

  • Blockchain technology makes sellers and buyers benefit from the auditability of purchase transactions.

  • For monetization, take a commission in each purchase.

  • To help growth, tune your marketplace for a specific vertical (e.g. health, mobility, logistics), demographic, or region.

Data Marketplaces with Blockchain Superpowers

As data assets are exchanged, blockchain technology provides the security, privacy, and control benefits of Ocean Protocol.

When the data owner publishes an asset, they publish the price in OCEAN.

The simplest way to price data is with a fixed price which is supported out-of-the-box. But you can use royalties, bonding curves, and more. It’s really up to the marketplace owner.

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